To All our Annoyance Students,
Staff, & Teachers~

Our primary goal for our training program and theatre is for all of you to learn about Annoyance’s approach to improv, explore your own abilities, and pursue your own creative voice while creating in a safe environment.

If something occurs in our training program or in the process of creating a show that makes you feel unsafe or compromised, we’d like to know about it. 

Please know that we will investigate complaints to the best of our ability and pursue hearing from both sides of whatever matter is brought to our attention. Should you choose to remain anonymous, it may be more difficult for us to follow up for further information or to let you know how the situation is being handled, however, your name and email are not required to submit the form.

Thank you for communicating with us- it’s the best tool we have to ensure everyone’s safety and good time.

You also may email, call or speak in person to:

  • Jennifer Estlin:  Jennifer at theannoyance dot com
  • Mick Napier:  Mick at theannoyance dot com
  • Charley Carroll: Charley at theannoyance dot com
  • Tom Troup: Tom at theannoyance dot com
  • Duke Harbison: Duke at theannoyance dot com

If you feel that your issue would be best handled by someone outside the theatre who is unbiased and objective, we have a relationship with a workplace investigator who can assist you. Please contact Jill Dougherty.

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